Schwegmann Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

What is oxidized silver?

Oxidized silver is sterling silver that has been given a darker finish.  Patty's oxidized silver has a dark blueish gray color.  People who can wear sterling silver can generally also wear oxidized silver. 


What is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a fine white clay that is fired to a very high temperature.  Michael & Patty both use a porcelain that is fired to 2400 Fahrenheit.  Their porcelain is one of the highest temperature clays available which leads to enhanced durability.


Will I break the porcelain jewelry?

This high temperature porcelain has the same hardness as a sapphire.  Please treat your pieces with care, but there is no need to be "extra" careful with the porcelain elements.


Do you do custom work?

Michael and Patty occasionally work on commissions for special customers.  Each artist has a minimum for custom pieces, please send us an email to inquire about your project.


How do you use your Email List?

We like to let our customers know when we will be at an event in their area, that is why we ask for your postal code.  We also send out updates to everyone on our email list no more than 4 times per year.  If you sign up for the email list and later change your mind you can unsubscribe easily.